If you are here on this page, we’re going to assume that your Corporate Brand is active on social media in some form or fashion.

With that in mind, let’s cut to the chase.

Whether you’re looking for more exposure or replace your existing provider, we’ll expand your reach on our established network.

You Have New Marketing Strategies From Day 1 When You Work With Us

Your Organic Distribution Reach Expands To Over 100,000 followers

Your Content Creation Just Got More Robust Than Ever Before

You Have Promoted Ad Campaigns Running Daily

The Key to Winning at Social Media is Networking

No matter what Social Media platform you are trying to get traction on today, the consumers are only glancing at content for a split second.

So, Attention Grabbing Rich Media IS CRITICAL.

First Order of Business For Corporate Clients


Your Unfair Advantage Starts Here!

Let’s face it, today’s consumers are lazy and don’t want to read.

On top of that, they are completely inundated with advertising messages from the time they awake until the time they turn off the lights to go to bed.

So with that out of the way, let’s address these issues!

STEP 1 We’ll Need To Build A Library Of RICH MEDIA Content Specifically For Your Brand

If for some reason you don’t have footage available,  we’ll outsource a local videographer with instructions on what we need to make your Brand shine.

We will need the footage to produce an array of content for developing Cinemagraphs, Social Video Ads, and Video Commercials specific to your Brand.

What We Provide


We’ll distribute your content to 100K+ followers on multiple accounts that include

Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook (and other platforms if needed) Daily.



  • Ongoing Market research, what’s trending in your space, where is your perfect customer congregating on which Social Media platform.
  • Content Creation that will engage consumers – We’ll provide an array of “RICH MEDIA” to increase your conversion rates.
  • Cinemagraphs (8 per month), BOOST Audience Engagement As Much As 110%.
  • Social Video Ads (8 per month), Short HD Video Clips With Subtitles That Are Effective Without Audio.
  • Video Commercials (2 per month), 20-40 second Video Commercial specifically for Social Media Advertising purposes.
  • Indexing Your Corporate Video on YouTube (Get your video in the related video section and easily found in search results).
  • Daily Posting Monday- Friday (manually) on 3 Social Media platforms.
  • Daily Posting with Auto Posting Software 7 Days A Week.
  • Complete analytics reporting.

 What You Provide

Provide up to date marketing content (fresh video footage when needed, sales, specials, announcements, etc.).

Do what you do best…Take care of your customers so we can have good reviews to post! 


What Does It Cost?


  • Total Cost Per Rooftop $2900.00 A Month
  • No Set-up Fees or Hidden Cost
  • No Contracts or Long Term Obligations
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Includes $500 A Month Ad Budget (For Targeted Ad Campaigns)

Here’s More Of Your Unfair Advantage!



PLUS We’ll “LIKE” and “SHARE” Your Content To Our 100K + Network DAILY


According to Facebook, people spend 1.7 seconds on a piece of content with a mobile device and 2.5 seconds on a desktop.

85% never turn on the audio, If your Post isn’t delivering your message without sound, You Are Wasting Time and Energy!

Social Video Ads

Consumers Are Inundated With Advertising Signals Coming From Everywhere,

So without rich media that grabs attention immediately, your marketing efforts are not as effective in today’s  environment.

Video Commercials For Social Media Promotions

Having our own studio equipment allows us to produce your Rich Media content in-house,

Whether you need a video commercial for YouTube or Social Media advertising, we’ll keep your Brand in the Spotlight.

Media To Help Turn Visitors Into Customers


“Call To Action” Video Snippets Included

Need Some Help Converting Visitors Into Taking Action Customers On Your Site?

We provide a library of content to help with your ROI, all included for our network partners at no charge

Questions About Website

More Information

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Special Offer For You

Plus Over 40 Other “Call To Action” Clips For You To Choose From

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Your media will be uploaded to Vimeo where you can Download it and use where ever you want with full licensing rights.

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