What is the difference between a station, channel, and business partner?

Social TV Station Partners

A station is a domain that is a stand-alone platform with channels with local, regional, and national channels.

Social TV Channel Partners 

A channel is a category under a station that would be a way to sell a channel to a client on a station.

Business Partners (Manufacturers, Retailers, Wholesalers)

Infomercials for businesses on our QVC type programming that we promote for a share of the proceeds we generate.

We will market these business packages to “work from home” business opportunity seekers that will be able to start a Creative Services company without starting from scratch.

The massive amount of viewers we will generate will see the value and want to be a part of our program without a hard sell. Financing will be offered as well.

We will provide technical support and a marketing team for them along with Media Kits they can use for local marketing themselves.

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