We Provide A Platform to Generate Online Sales Fast Utilizing Modern Technologies

Coupled With A 5 Step Marketing Process 2nd to None!

It Doesn’t Matter if you’re a 1 person operation or a Fortune 500 Company,

Social Media Has Become The New “Front Door For Business” Today!

Take your Sales and Marketing to the NEXT LEVEL on our LIVE Shopping Platform.

We Offer TOTALLY DONE FOR YOU Productions to DIY Assistance For Promoting Your Own Shows.

Our platform was developed for sales, auctions, liquidating inventory, launching new products.

You don't have to start developing new skill sets or hire additional staff to get massive exposure with modern marketing processes.

We've got you covered with…

A Complete Business Development Center For 2020

Simulated LIVE Video Productions SELLING YOUR PRODUCTS
Video Commercials/Graphic Design

Targeted Ad Campaigns reaching audiences that matter to your business

Shopping Carts to take credit cards

Prize Giveaways/Contest
Sales Funnels (up-sells to get the most out of buyers with special offers)

Established Social Media Network (with over 100K followers)

We Get Compensated on SALES Performance with Most Products.

We Offer 2 Options To Get Your Program Underway

1- You can shoot the show yourself and send in the raw footage to our servers

2- We can provide onsite video production and even include a Host for your show

Example Of A Pre-Recorded Show After Editing.

We LIVE Stream your products to large audiences that are impulse buyers and looking for deals.

Our business model is to provide a platform that allows small business owners a way to reach large audiences that matter in days, not weeks or months.

This platform is perfect to liquidate excess inventory, closeouts or just raise some cash without interfering with your current sales channel(s).

Your products are paid in full before leaving your premises.




We Have A Network and Marketing Process Waiting For You!

Audiences on multiple platforms with multiple profiles that you can use for leverage starting now

Total Followers On Twitter

Facebook Page Followers

Pinterest Followers

With over 12,000 followers on our SocialMAX LIVE Sales Facebook Page, you don't have to start from scratch.

Plus, your Presentations can be streamed to multiple profiles/pages including your own simultaneously!

Sales – Auctions – Liquidations

Our business model is a simple Win-Win scenario that Gets You in Front of Buyers!

You only pay a fraction of what a conventional marketing campaign would cost and get way more value, here's why.

First, we are a video production and marketing firm founded in 2009 so we have the skill sets needed in today's environment.

Second, you don't have to start from scratch to get exposure, our social media distribution reach exceeds 100K.

Third, you don't have to depend on paying for clicks or one source of traffic, we can handle your complete SALES process.

After your LIVE Event ends, we’ll continue to promote your SALE with targeted video ad campaigns.

We Have Our Own In-House Media Center to Produce Your Commercials

We Can Provide Video Sales Funnels For Upsells and Down Sales to Get The Most $ From a Customer.

It doesn't matter what kind of business you're in.


Many Small Operators Are Leaving Additional Profits Behind By Not Offering Upsells…

We sell overstock inventory that brings you premium prices with a 5 step marketing process.

Our 5 Step Marketing Process

1-Recorded video is edited and branded (if needed) before it goes LIVE

Upload Footage To Our Servers

We Edit and Brand Your Content Prior to Stream

2-Content is Streamed to Multiple Platforms and Accounts

3-Streams are Shared to our Organic Social Network Followers

4-Content is added to Related Channels on our FREE Social TV Station

5-Content Streamed to Facebook will be Promoted to YOUR TARGETED AUDIENCE

Our 5 Step Marketing Process


Recorded video is edited and branded before it goes LIVE

Upload Footage

To Our Servers

We Edit and Start a 3-Day Targeted Ad Campaign prior to Stream


Content is Streamed to Multiple Platforms and Accounts


Streams are Liked and Shared to our Organic Social Network Followers


Content is added to Related Channels on our FREE Social TV Station


Content Streamed to Facebook will be Promoted to YOUR TARGETED AUDIENCE

Your Simulated LIVE Streams are Simulcasted to 
You Don't Have To Start From Scratch!


Would you rather build a race car from scratch or have one already in the race?

We have the car, the fans and a whole pit crew waiting for you!



We provide Brand Awareness Marketing campaigns with exposure to almost 60,000 organic followers and

use Promoted Ad Campaigns to reach a Targeted Audience interested in your product/service.







The Key to success right now is to think outside the box and acquire new customers before the competition.

Running the same course and charging the same prices as everyone else is a slow uphill battle.

Before we accept any business as a marketing partner, three things must be established:

1- Must have adequate inventory on hand to ship (if applicable).

2- Must provide special offers (irresistible offers/incentives to begin building relationships faster. Research shows that It’s 10 times easier to sell to someone that has purchased from you before than to get a cold prospect to buy from a stranger).

3- Must Participate in Prize Giveaways, this could be gift cards, free merchandise, etc.

These things are mandatory in today's environment if you want to scale faster

Not only to build an audience on social media, but to also build an email list as well.

 Fill out the form below

BizKIT Package Program

    We keep this to a minimum, you will not be required to give away more than $25 at a time.
    Do you have a Host (yourself, an employee or a customer/family member) that is capable of presenting your products?

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