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It's called being in the right place at the right time and taking ACTION!

Offer LIVE Services in Your Area

Clients Must See Results FAST Today!

Small Business is under attack today, not only are the scam artist ripping them off, you have Giants like Amazon and eBay chewing them apart.

We are a division of MAG Marketing Network. We have been a video production and digital marketing firm since 2009.

When a Client sees their content streaming on multiple platforms simultaneously, then promoted to a targeted audience that gets results…

Things change, instead of being the Hunter, you become the Hunted!

Be The First To Offer This Type Of Service in Your Area!

It’s no secret that E-commerce is a multi-billion dollar industry that’s only growing bigger each year. While there are hundreds of ways to generate revenue, LIVE shows that are entertaining and add value will soon be the leaders in that space.

The future of e-commerce is here now, if you want to flourish, the time to start your service is today.

With over 200 Video Productions under our belt, 11 years of digital marketing experience, and a Social Distribution of 100K plus, you can help get clients massive traction without starting from scratch!

You can start tomorrow with a simple $99 promotion sharing a LIVE Presentation on our Facebook LIVE Sales page with over 13K followers to offering a complete turnkey solution that is performance based we call our Partner Program.

Just one account that has a large inventory to sell can make you a great payday. And believe us, they are many businesses out there that needs to sell inventory!

 What You Can Promote For Local Merchants on our platform,

Special Sales



Local Podcast

What We Can Provide For Your Clients,

Staffed Events

Balance Inventory Solutions

Multiple Camera Shoots

Professionally Edited Presentations

Shopping Carts

Payment Solutions For Customers

Upsell offers are available

Local Talent Competitions

Comical Segments

5 Step Marketing Process 2nd to NONE!

Your Customers will Stick when they get RESULTS!

We stream content and promote it to targeted audiences utilizing proprietary software that will keep your customers coming back for more. 

Content will be streamed on multiple channels simultaneously on YouTube, Periscope, and Facebook and will be shared on Pinterest. 

We Believe in Giving Anyone Who Works Hard A BREAK.

You can make a real business for yourself complete with a social media distribution network without paying for anything.

Driving for Uber or Delivering Food for an APP will make you a living, but if you really want to build a sustainable business for yourself, here it is.

Could you knock it out of the park if all you had to do was offer affordable MODERN DAY Creative Services to business owners?.

You will have access to all the tools you need plus a technical support and marketing team standing behind you.

You can get up to 25% of the revenue from everything we offer, including video commercials, sales of their products, infomercials, and more.

No Technical or Video Production experience is needed. We provide training.

All you have to do is the sales, collect video data, and just send it to our servers, we will take it from there.

We’ll even send a camera crew out for Major Productions as needed.

This has unlimited recurring income potential.

You can do the fun part and we’ll do the heavy lifting.

You have a team complete with a Business Development Center behind you.

You Can Offer a Fresh Creative Content and Distribution Service That EVERY Business Needs!

A Perfect Fit for Retail Shops, Magazines, Print shops, Local marketing firms, Newspaper publishers

that need New Services for Existing Clients without Hiring Additional Staff.

We'll Start You Off With Everything You Need!

We provide your digital assets like video commercials, custom printable flyer, business cards downloads,

Here are a few things you can offer to clients starting right now!

Includes A 5 Step Marketing Process 

Our 5 Step Marketing Process

1-Recorded video is edited and branded before it goes LIVE

Upload Footage To Our Servers

We Edit and Brand Your Content Prior to Stream

2-Content is Streamed to Multiple Platforms and Accounts

3-Streams are Shared to our Organic Social Network Followers

4-Content is added to Related Channels on our FREE Social TV Station

5-Content Streamed to Facebook will be Promoted to YOUR TARGETED AUDIENCE


Recorded video is edited and branded before it goes LIVE

Upload Footage

To Our Servers

We Edit and Start a 3-Day Targeted Ad Campaign prior to Stream


Content is Streamed to Multiple Platforms and Accounts


Streams are Liked and Shared to our Organic Social Network Followers


Content is added to Related Channels on our FREE Social TV Station


Content Streamed to Facebook will be Promoted to YOUR TARGETED AUDIENCE

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