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Engaging your audience in a meaningful way is a challenge, no matter how big or small your brand is.

It's no secret that E-commerce is a multi-billion dollar industry that’s only growing bigger each year. While there are hundreds of ways to generate revenue, LIVE shows that are entertaining and add value will soon be the leaders in that space.

So if you don’t develop a strong online presence now, you are not going to win.

The future of e-commerce is here now.  If you want to flourish, the time to start your show should be a top priority.

With over 200 Video Productions under our belt, 11 years of digital marketing experience, and a Social Distribution of 100K plus, we can get you massive traction without starting from scratch!

We can provide you with a simple $99 promotion shared on our Facebook LIVE Sales page with over 13K followers to a Business Development Center that is performance based we call our Partner Program.

 What We Can Promote For You,

Special Sales



What We Can Provide For You,

Staffed Events

Fulfillment Service

Balance Inventory Solutions

Multiple Camera Shoots

Professionally Edited Presentations

Shopping Carts

Payment Solutions For Customers

Up-sell offers to get the most out of a sale

Local Talent Competitions

Comical Segments

Promotional Commercials

Online TV Channel for replays

We'll LIVE Stream then Promote Your Media to an Audience that Matters…

We are a division of MAG Marketing Network. Utilizing Multiple Platforms Simultaneously, we'll start getting your BRAND some recognition.

Streamed without Promotion:

  • Video was streamed on Facebook and was not promoted.
  • Video received 87 views.

Streamed and Promoted:

  • Video was also streamed on Facebook with a promotion.
  • Video received 1,300 views within 3 days.

We can do the same for you!

We will stream your content and promote it to a target audience that matters to business. Your content will be streamed on our YouTube, Periscope, and Facebook (can be multiple profiles depending on your choosing) and will be shared on our Pinterest account.  The stream can also be shared on your social media, so your followers will be able notified to view the stream!

Complete Business Development Center

We Offer A Performance-Based Business Model For Special Sales, Liquidations, Overstocks on a commission basis.

We develop sales strategies that can include everything you need to get the most out of your sale as a media partner.

If you are interested in building a following with a weekly show without technical issues or hiring additional staff, we would love to talk.


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