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The way the world is watching TV has changed and the way business is promoted has shifted.

The consumer is tackled with advertisements from the time they wake up until the time they go to bed.

Americans are exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day according to a Google search.

Our business model is simple.

We provide streaming content to the public that will be promoted on Social Media platforms.

Then the Streamed Content is promoted to Targeted Audiences with Paid Ad Placements.

Our business model has evolved to be more focus driven on what the consumers want.

When people of any age go to social media platforms, they are there for ENTERTAINMENT, INFORMATION, and CONNECTIVITY!

We Like to call our Programming…


Opportunities are now available for almost anyone that wants to thrive in the Digital Transformation Age and possesses a good work ethic…

We have been in the video production and online marketing for over 11 years and produced and distributed the “Cooking With Kade” Show.

We have also produced hundreds of business commercials and generated thousands of dollars in revenues with Facebook Ad Campaigns.

Our Social Media Distribution exceeds 140,000 organic followers on multiple platforms with different Network profiles.

Do You Have Video Production Skills?

We Need Videographers, Editors, Content Writers, Producers, Directors, etc that can Work from Remote Locations.

Want To Be An Authority in your Space?

We are in search of Medical, Legal Professionals, Lifestyle Coaches, Musicians, Financial Experts, Fashion, Cooking, Gamers, Sports Enthusiasts and On Camera Talent that are looking for a way to become an internet celebrity and make money.

Network Affiliate Program

Can you explain to a business owner the importance of having a strong online presence?

What if you could offer commercials, reality shows, infomercials and even QVC type shows that would be on Social TV and delivered as LIVE (and simulated LIVE) programs?

Could you knock it out of the park if all you had to do was offer affordable MODERN DAY Creative Services to business owners?

You will have access to all the tools you need plus a technical support and marketing team standing behind you.

You can get up to 25% of the revenue from everything we offer.

Network Partner Program

We Help Businesses Balance Inventory and Make More Online Sales with LIVE Streaming Events.

Get on the Next Online Sales Trend with LIVE Shows without starting from scratch.

Need to get liquidate inventory, hold a special sales event, or promote an infomercial in front of thousands of buyers?

What We Provide

We provide targeted ad campaigns to ramp up awareness Before your LIVE Sale.

Instant payment solutions saves time and reduces non-payment drops.
4 payment no interest payments available for buyers to take action.
Check-out system with Upsells, Downsells (optional).
We produce your video commercials for Targeted Ad Campaigns after your LIVE Show.
Consumers can Shop the Replay since it will be converted into a targeted ad campaign.

Build your own Media Empire without Worrying about the Technical Side!

Tell us a little about yourself and what you are passionate about.

SocialMAX Opportunities

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