The Landscape Has Changed

The Digital Transformation is Here, It has created a revolution in business, industry, and daily life.

The Digital Transformation allows you to make your own path today.

Be the Host of a Show

We are in search of Professionals/Experts that have the desire to be leaders in their field.

The ideal candidates must be upbeat, ambitious and dependable plus enjoy interactive communication with online viewers.

We’ll build you an audience by providing massive exposure and share revenues on sales of products/services on the show to keep everyone engaged.

Targeted Ad Campaigns will promote your live streaming events to ramp up viewership. 

Our SocialMAX LIVE program will get you on multiple Live Streams simultaneously.

We prefer to stream as “Simulated Live” for several reasons that we will address later.

We can also provide a subscription-based members area for more content from creators that Rock The House!

VOD content has the potential to Pay HUGE Recurring Revenues for the Right Host as we can Promote on a Local, Regional, or Global Level.

Remote positions are not a problem.

What Makes Us An Authority?

We Produce and Distribute the “Cooking With Kade” Show

Our presence on Social  Media got a 9-year-old making a simple hamburger video on YouTube to a spot on Masterchef Jr., in just 9 months.

Kade’s first show was in April of 2014.  Now,  he's still in the kitchen, makes appearances and has his own line of Cajun seasonings.

Opportunities will find you as it has for many on YouTube as well as all the other Social platforms if you have what it takes.

Don't get us wrong, they are not all good, but you will get many coming your way when you get recognition.

Depending on what you are set out to accomplish, maybe we can do something similar for you too!

Doors Start To Open

Once You Get Momentum Going

Kade With Gordon Ramsey

Kade On FOX News

Guinness World Record Gumbo Event

Kade Opening A Festival

Kade At A Cosplay Event

Kade With A New Fan

Being The Marketing Force Behind Our Own Network of Brands,

 There is no such thing as having too much online exposure today, we suggest having a presence on all of the popular Social Platforms.

Then dial in your promotional campaigns where your targeted audience is hanging out at.

An Optimized YouTube channel, a Facebook Page, Pinterest, LinkedIn and a Twitter presence is a Must Today from our own experiences.

However, if your targeted audience is a younger crowd, Instagram and Snapchat would be a Definite.

Get A YouTube Presence!

We have found that with all the Social platforms available, the first thing is to build a foundation on the 2nd largest search engine on the planet.

Not only should your video show up in the search results, but related video section as well.

To Start Your Path, We'll Get You Some Traction on YouTube

Perform A YouTube search For “Moe Mountian Hot Sauce”

Perform A YouTube search For “Please Say You'll Stay”

Always Keep A Strong Presence On Facebook

Even Applying For A Job These Days, Many Employers Check Applicants Out On Facebook!

This Entertainer's local appearences has Exploded with Facebook Ad Campaigns using repurposed video footage from a festival event!

Twitter Should Be A Part Of Your Marketing Mix

Twitter has more marketing power than you think

And Of Course Pinterest Should Be In The Lineup

Pinterest is one of the best platforms for converting sales, especially if women are interested in your product or service

If you have the right ingredients for keeping the audience engaged, send us a demo link in the form below.

If you don't have a demo reel yet, no worries!

Upload a 15-30 second video to YouTube with your name in the title and explain “why you would be a good host for our shows ”.

Fill out the form below, you just never know what could happen!

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