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The Social Revolution is Already Here

SocialMAX Connects with an Audience that Matters to You!

When people of any age go to social media platforms, they are there for ENTERTAINMENT, INFORMATION, and CONNECTIVITY!

So that's exactly what we do…Provide Free Entertainment and Advertainment.


Bundling Interest-based Audiences with Multiple Media Sources

Whether you’re a local shop with a few employees, an expert in your field, or a large corporation,

SocialMAX Can Help You Grow Your Brand Much Faster in TODAY'S ENVIRONMENT. 

SocialMAX LIVE Streams will alert audiences when you go LIVE on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube simultaneously.

We also share the content on our social distribution network for even more engagement that includes Instagram, Pinterest, and selectively LinkedIn.

Your Content is also promoted separately on Facebook to a targeted audience that will reduce wasted ad spend and make good use of any size budget.

No matter if you want to have a sales event, an infomercial, or build a Brand as the Authority in your space.

We provide a platform to help you get recognition much FASTER with our 5 Step Marketing Process.

You can even rent a channel on the SocialMAX LIVE Marketplace and keep your products and services promoted.

SocialMAX Network is where we provide some of the best videos for the consumers to watch.

 We populate specific channels with engaging content all free of charge (your commercial could be in the mix).

Network affiliates and Partners can create their own channels and stations.

Social Media has created a revolution in business, marketing, and daily life.

Which can create new opportunities for anyone!


If you think this is far fetched, let's look at some case studies,

Mike Davenport AKA “The Chevy Dude”, selling Cars in Kentucky,


Here’s Mike’s YouTube Channel, with over 25,000,000 total views

Take some time to watch a few of his videos.

You can get some ideas of what you can be doing that would relate to your business. 

Check it out HERE


Our own Kade Dugas got on Masterchef JR at 9 yrs old,

All stemming from a Simple Hamburger Video Promoted on YouTube,


Have Something To Share With The World?

We would be Happy to take a look and possibly work with you.

You'll never know until you take the leap.

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Here are the 5 things we suggest to break away from the herd and build your brand today!

  • Reality type segments with a sprinkle of humor

  • Short infomercials that are more educational tips than a sales pitch

  • Provide enough value so your audience will share your content

  • LIVE Stream your content on a consistent basis

  • Have a Presence on multiple channels and relevant social platforms

It's No Secret, Social Media Has Become The New ‘Front Door’ For Business Today.

Consumers don’t want to be sold anymore, but they LOVE to buy things.


People get on YouTube to research and review products and services when they are looking to purchase something.

So having a sales tool like a good video that works 24/7 should make sense to anyone trying to get online customers.

But here’s the kicker, if your advertising is nothing more than a sales pitch and not evergreen, then you’re going out of business and just don’t know it yet.

Times have changed, it’s time to get out of the Flintstones era and migrate over to the Jetsons.

Here’s why:

Over 50% of the world population is 38 years old and younger.

So no matter what type of product or service you’re selling, you’re time is limited if you're not working Social Media.

We Can Help You Get Moving Much Faster Utilizing Video.

We can produce, direct, and distribute your video production to the masses.

We can also cut the production and promotional costs since we can outsource local videographers and have a strong Social presence already.

Having produced our own shows, we are very familiar with video production and marketing costs. 

But the most import factor is that we already have a substantial social distribution network.

LIVE Streaming is one thing, but promoting your content to the right targeted audience is another. 

We'll even partner up with businesses and network partners on straight commission arrangements in some cases.

What Makes Us Different?

Building Your Own BRAND is absolutely necessary, but what if you could get on an established platform and would have to start from scratch?

Sure, you can pound away on Social Media all day long, but if your content doesn't stop the high speed scroller today than the rest of the path to your website or sales channels stops dry.

Running ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, and other platforms is getting to be very expensive and less effective.

Unless you get your message in front of the right audience with engaging content, you are only wasting time and resources.

SocialMAX can Broadcast – Narrowcast to target audiences more precisely with our proprietary software that digs deeper into the Facebook Ad Console – so you can send the right message to the right people utilizing their smartphone to the biggest screen in their home.

Cable TV subscribers are cutting the cord by the millions because they want to be in control of what and when they want to watch programming. 

Here is an interesting article, guess what is the second most-watched channel on ROKU…It's YouTube!



Today's average consumer requires as many as 21 touch points before they take action!

Save Money and be More Effective With Your Marketing

Take advantage of MODERN Marketing Solutions with SocialMAX.

We engage your audience and market your brand on multiple social platforms and profiles simultaneously with simulated LIVE Streams. 

We also have inventory reduction, liquidation sales, and talent competitions (to create engagement) events now in development.

You Don't Have To Start From Scratch!


Would you rather build a race car from scratch or have one already in the race?

We have the car, the fans and a whole pit crew waiting for you!



We provide Brand Awareness Marketing campaigns with exposure to 60,000 + organic followers and

use Promoted Ad Campaigns to reach a Targeted Audience interested in your product/service.






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